Author: Robert Beck

Instagram Tips for Businesses

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can find nowadays. It became popular very quickly because it was something new, that people have never seen before. That is what you must have if you want to succeed, and Instagram had that unique side which makes it so special. Just like any other social media platform, Instagram is designed to be extremely simple to use. Simplicity with social media platforms is very important because there are people from all ages using them and not everyone can get a hang of them quickly. Especially the older...

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Google Gadgets That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Technology has is becoming so advanced that everyday life as we know it is becoming to change faster than we can catch up. If you are a technology geek that hasn’t missed a single invention since the appearance of drones, here is a list of recently developed Google gadgets that might prove you wrong about being well informed in technological advancement.

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