From the moment we became aware of ourselves and started writing down our thoughts information became invaluable. Writing became the ultimate method of transferring information from one generation to another. Everything that was considered important for our intellectual elevation was written down and kept in libraries; this was a way to store and keep all of that useful information safe. With technology advancing at a rate that we can barely follow, we contemplated of a new way to store and transfer our thought in the form of written information.

San Antonio Biblio Tech

San Antonio Biblio TechIn fall, 2013, the first digital library was opened in San Antonio offering access to their online content to every e-reader. E-book readers were introduced with this method of reading books online even before this grand opening of an “online library,” but never before could they visit a real place where they could have access to every written material stored online. What this says about us as a species is that we are starting to realize the importance of keeping information safe, and what better way to keep written information safe than on an online database. Every e-reader is presented with a card upon registration that allows them access to a virtually unlimited amount of information.

Digital Age and Technology

Digital Age and TechnologyThe digital age started in 1970’s with the introduction of a personal computer, allowing faster and safer way of transferring information. Anyone with an internet connection and a device to send and receive information was able to do so, and nowadays it’s even easier. By becoming a member of an online library you can not only access any written information stored to this time, but you can also contribute by adding your content.

And what better way to contribute to society than to share your ideas, in a well contemplated informal written form. So not only that it’s faster to share information this way it is also safer, as there is no way to destroy it once it loses a material form. Every book and every paper that contains useful information until now were in danger of becoming destroyed or damaged. With this new method of keeping information safe, there is no way to damage it, lose it, or erase it in any way, as it doesn’t have a material form therefor it’s virtually indestructible.