Starting a business nowadays or planning on investing in any project requires money and time, and in most cases of starting our funds are limited. Having a person to schedule your appointments and keep track of your activities to remind you of your daily tasks is handy, but not everyone can afford hiring one. This is why we tend to use checklist programs and keep track of those activities ourselves. Here are some of the best apps that will help you rearrange your activities and add priority to some of them, helping you save money and time in the process.

Google Keep- A Personal Assistant

Having different colored noted isn’t just for show. By assigning a color for your note, you give yourself a sense of urgency when it comes to addressing to that matter. Priority is important in organizing tasks, and what better way to schedule your daily tasks then by categorizing them in colors.

Process Street-Manage You Tasks By Category

This amazing app lets you not only store random data on a thing you need to do, but it also allows users to create categories and sort their tasks by priority. You can even set daily reminders with an alert that notifies you that it’s time to address to certain tasks.

TickTick- A Smart Task Manager

Arranging the list of your tasks can be time-consuming and sometimes you wish there is a better and faster way to do this. With TickTick your appointments and daily task are automatically organized by date, time and priority. For example, if you insert an “important meeting today” it automatically schedules it for that day and activates an alert.

NotePlan- Scheduling made EasyNotePlan- Scheduling made Easy

This particular app has a more professional touch to it, as you can easily organize your tasks by date and time from a calendar like a sheet. Forget about stressful rearranging of your tasks, once you schedule and add priority to your activity, you won’t think about it until it’s time.