Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages and the market offers a countless number of different types that you can buy. People in the Netherlands, for example, are oriented towards the filter coffee so you can see koffiemachine kopen writing everywhere. At the same time, the USA as the country has more cups of brewed coffee than it has people.

From this information, we can say that choosing the best coffee beans may be a bit harder than it looks. For this reason, we present to you the best way to understand what type you want as the names probably mean nothing to you.

Arabica or Robusta

Coffee Beans In Hand

Holding Coffee Beans

There are two types in general and these are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are somehow less round and more elongated, unlike Robusta which has almost a round shape. The first one has a lot more essential oils in its structure, more sugar but less caffeine, the main substance that is responsible for “caffeine hit”. On the other hand, the second one does not have that much essential oils and sugar, but it has the double amount of caffeine. So, if you like strong coffee, you should go with Robusta.

Acidity and bitterness

Another aspect you should consider is the acidity and bitterness. Each type of coffee is acidic, but the beans that are grown at the lower altitude generally have a lower level of acidity and therefore are more pleasant for drinking.

For example, any strain that comes from Africa has a higher level of acid and therefore is bitter. Just for the comparison – coffee from Brazil or Sumatra has a significantly lower level of acid. But, the most important thing is the bitterness as coffee that has been grounded too many times may lose its flavor and increase the bitterness.

Single or blend

Aside from bitterness and stronger flavor, you should also know more about the region that your beverage comes from. Single-origin coffee only comes from Ethiopia as all other coffees are practically blended.

Coffee Beans And Spoon On Table

Coffee Beans On Table

If we speak about the flavor, we could say that single is somehow reserved for a black coffee. If you drink it with milk, it is advised to stick to the blend type as milk ruins the strong and sharp taste of a single one. Make sure that you check the origin of your beverage so you could know whether is suited better for milk or for a pure black coffee.

Check the roast date

Roasting is the process that finalizes the production of the beverage and adds more flavor and taste the overall product. But, coffee has to stay a bit while once roasted to reach the full potentials and enrich its aroma. It would be ideal for it to stay in an air-free package for 10-20 days before you start consuming it. In any case, do not forget to keep your bag at the cool and dry place. Do not prepare it right away once roasted since carbon dioxide may ruin the taste after you brew it.