The hottest secretive project that every virtual reality enthusiast is talking about is Magic Leap’s augmented reality. The company was founded in 2010 by Rony Abovitz and by 2014 it received financial support from major league companies like Google and Qualcomm but also from Kleiner Perkins and other investors. Another close held information around those circles is that Neal Stephenson, a science fiction author, joined administrative ranks in the company in 2014.

Fusing Virtual and real World

Fusing Virtual and real WorldThe idea to focus on augmented reality headset that can let you see graphics that we are used to seeing in virtual reality combined with a real world wasn’t the first to appear. Nvidia presented a similar idea in 2013 with their head-mounted display, but as Gizmodo describes magic leap’s project it will be much more than that. The technology focuses on displaying 3D objects, shapes and even characters that would be “aware” of the surrounding of the room they are projected in.

In November 2015 Magic Leap presented their first demo of the project showing what they describe as “just another day in the office at Magic Leap”. It showed us merely the potential of this technology and how it can not only bring virtual entertainment to a whole other level but also be useful regarding work and business by providing another approach to using application. The closest thing to this that we’ve seen is the technology shown in the Philip K. Dick’s short story inspired movie Minority Report.

A headgear that is mounted by users allows seeing both real world and a digital one, combining the magic of both worlds. What we don’t know is when the project will be completed and when we will be able to see the final product appear on the market. Being that this technology is something that we could only dream of in the past or see in a Sci-fi movie, we should be satisfied with the fact that someone is working on it at least.

No matter how surreal this technology sounds like there is no doubt that it would be more than useful in a society that we are living now.