Whether you are selling decoupage items, or you want to sell the action figures that you do not need anymore, having a successful eCommerce store is crucial for reaching the right target audience. From time to time, you would need woocommerce export orders, a statistic of the items that are on high demand or anything similar and if you do not have the right store that is properly developed, you might risk losing your clients.

In any case, we have prepared for you a guide with the essential features that you must include in your eCommerce store.

A unique and recognized logo

One of the first things that users see is the logo of your shop/company. A lot of people do not pay attention to this aspect as they think that they only need high-quality products. Of course, they need, but no one will believe you, or even pay you if they see a poorly designed logo of your company.

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The logo says a lot about your company. If you want to be professionally recognized, invest money into the professional logo as it will save you money later. Some people just want to start out and they think they will change the logo later. However, once the users lose trust in your, it is hard to retrieve it.

Clear advantages of your products and store

What makes your products different from other similar ones from the same category? This is the key! You have to present the key advantages that your items have so you could attract people and give them something that they cannot find in other similar products.

Additionally, to convince them that you offer everything they need, you can add the limited-time offers that will attract them and convince them to buy the products. This way, you are showing the pros that you offer over other products and the best part is that these are available at the special price for a limited time only. When they see limited-time, they see something special that is available only now.

Free shipping

When you work locally, the shipping may not be a huge problem as you can do it on your own or you can find a cheaper company that will deliver your products to the customers. However, having free shipping requires more work and time. Though this is a bit harder to achieve in the beginning, it actually attracts a lot of users.

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Everyone is delighted once they realize they do not have to pay the shipping for the product they have been looking for long. Though the shipping may not cost a lot, it is still one of the things that convince people to buy. You solve this efficiently, especially if you send products over the sea, by setting the minimum order price that they have to make. This way, you can cover the shipping costs and you will not have to pay the shipping with your own money.