Technology has is becoming so advanced that everyday life as we know it is becoming to change faster than we can catch up. If you are a technology geek that hasn’t missed a single invention since the appearance of drones, here is a list of recently developed Google gadgets that might prove you wrong about being well informed in technological advancement.

Google Phone unlike any other?

Pixel is the name of a first phone made by Google. Its unique design will make it stand out even among every other modern phone. It has a 16 million-color AMOLED display, and aluminum with a polished glass body.

Google Phone Pixel One Device to Rule Them All

From setting the temperature to controlling every digital device that you have in your home as well as security, options will be available with this new Google home device. One is all you’ll need to set the light in your house, as well as options on your TV or home appliance.

Google Wi-Fi

Tired or limited coverage for Wi-Fi of your router? Try Google Wi-Fi and get a secure and fast signal in every room of your home. This is the easiest way to get a full Wi-Fi coverage in your home. By installing several Wi-Fi points in your home, you’ll be able to stream faster than ever before.

Wireless VR Headset

Wireless VR HeadsetNo more cables and limitations. This lightweight headset offers the best VR experience as it is soft and comfortable beyond comprehension. You won’t know what you’re missing until you try it. It works with any Pixel or VR-supported phone.

Self-Driving Bicycle

We all know about autopilot option in electric cars, but how about autopilot on your bike? These completely self-steering bikes will be able to drive you to any destination calculating the path and avoiding obstacles along the way. You can read a book while driving it or even finish your essay on your laptop; the possibilities are limitless.