It has become pretty obvious by now, although we were warned in the past, that we must find other sources of energy to sustain our needs. Since the discovery of oil, we started using it as a primary source of energy for our industry and later needs in modern society. But energy is all around us, and all we need to do is find a way to collect it and use it for whatever purpose we need it. Solar energy was available to us since the beginning of time, but it wasn’t until recently that we started taking it seriously.

Tesla’s Solar Panels to Cost Less that Regular Roof?

The first appearance of electric cars that save money and make you an eco-friendly citizen made quite an impression. But inventing electrical and solar powered cars isn’t the only thing Eon Musk is famous for. Eon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, stated after a meeting with SolarCity engineers that installing a solar panel roof will be more affordable than you though. But if these aren’t just empty words from another money craving businessman, how is it possible that a solar panel roof can cost you less than a regular one?

investing in solar power technologyWell, according to Eon Musk and his team of engineers it would cost you less money in the long run. Being that saving money on electricity bills is a topic that everyone is interested in, let’s try to understand how installing a solar panel roof cut your expenses. This isn’t just some marketing trick or an attempt to hide the obvious fact that solar panels cost more money than a regular roof.

We are talking about investing in technology that will cut the expenses that you have on electricity bills, paying off the investment in the long run. Being that your yearly expense for electrical bills can add up to about $1200, if you are living in U.S., investing in solar power technology can save at least half of that money annually. When we make the calculation like this, it is absolutely justified to say that solar panel roof costs less that a regular one. And if you think that there is no room for solar power energy next to oil, let’s just mention that Tesla made more money in last quarter than oil industry did in the whole year.