Laptops are always noisy, especially when we run demanding software that requires a lot of resources. Still, it may happen sometimes that it is loud for no reason, which can be confusing but also alarming. So, how fixing your noisy laptop should start? Where to look for the cause of the problem and how to approach it?

Well, there is a couple of things you can do before you decide to take it into the certified service for a thorough cleaning.

Make sure there is nothing that blocks the exhaust

One of the most common problems with a loud laptop is the improper ventilation and extraction of the hot air out of the device. As you know, the fans cool down the components and prevent the hardware to burn. But, to have a good cool down, you need to ensure the proper airflow.

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People forget that your laptop, as well as PC, must have some space behind itself to ensure the proper air exhaustion. In case that is something on the exhaust pipe and blocks the air, it may be the cause of a loud laptop. Actually, the fans are loud as they try to cool down the components but due to the lack of air exhaust, these work harder and create more noise. Try to have at least 3 inches of free space behind the exhaust to ensure that nothing blocks the air coming out.

A problem with hard drive

Hard drives are super sensitive to the moment and impact and therefore handle your laptop always with great caution to avoid losing your data by causing bad sectors. One of the most frequent problems that loud laptops suffer from is the hard drive issue.

Over time, the elements inside the HDD may fail, which means that improper work of the drive creates an irritating and noisy sound. In this case, you should back up your data, if you are still able. The next thing would be to replace the existing HDD with the new one and eliminate the problem. Any clicking or grinding sounds are signs that your data is in danger so it is the time for backup. Also, it is the time for the replacement!

You must clean your fans

Sometimes simply the fans are noisy and you can do nothing else but to get rid of dust. If nothing else works, then your fans are dusty and you need to clean these. Failing to clean will enable the laptop to work, but it will become eventually impossible to spin the fans due to the dust that collects.

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Therefore, regular cleaning must be done, if possible in the certified service where they knowhow to clean properly. If you like to DIY, there are a lot of tutorials that you can watch and see how they did it so you can follow the same procedure. Before you start working on your own, make sure to get rid of static electricity to avoid burning your hardware.