With millions of children from school and parents trying to manage to work from home and childcare, many families are finding they simply don’t have enough computers for everyone. Whether you want to buy a laptop for your kid to use for homework or to optimize your pc for gaming and entertainment, or a combination of these two, you can explore a couple of options.

In this article, we will go through different scenarios and suggest a few solutions we think are the best for your needs.

Start fresh with Windows 8 and 10

PCs and laptops featuring Windows 8 and 10 operating systems are sold between late 2013, and now, so it’s quite easy to reset your old computer and have it running, as long as it doesn’t have any significant hardware issues.

Learning Kid To use Computer

Father Teaching Son To Use Computer

It is essential to mention that Microsoft still supports both of them with apps, security updates, while internet browsers will run on them without complainants. Therefore, the best way to revamp your old computer is to reset Windows entirely.

A computer that hasn’t been working for a year or two might be missing all kinds of drivers and security updates.Therefore, if you have a five-year-old computer, then it’s totally worth updating it. Alternatively, you could add more RAM or improve graphics to make it more powerful. When you calculate all the improvements, it much cheaper to upgrade the old PC instead of buying a new one.

Talk to the school and your kid

Of course, you might not be considering buying a laptop to specifically support your kid’s educational progress. Still, it makes sense to have a chat with a teacher or another school employee running an IT department.

You could ask what kind the technology school uses, and what device will best complement your child’s academic development. However, don’t consider their advice as absolute because what school prefers and what’s the best buy are two different things.

Additionally, talk to your kids and see what computer they would like to have. For instance, if your child is already using an iPhone or iPad, then it’s a logical step to purchase a MacBook rather than Windows PC. And, let’s be honest, your children probably have more clue about these types of gadgets than you do, right.

Choose the platform

A Child Watching Youtube Videos On A Laptop Computer

Little Kid Watching Youtube On Computer

By platform, we mean the operating system. For years people have been focused on Windows because this operating system didn’t have healthy competition on the market. Things have changed, with Apple’s massive success with portable devices, such as iPhone and iPad.However, the cheapest Mac laptop is more expensive than Windows one, so these devices might not be the right choice for small kids.

Don’t overthink about the specification

You could spend a lot of time pondering about the specification, but don’t worry about it because even the most basic Windows or Apple models are suitable for everyday tasks.If you want a simple checklist, then you should go for a laptop with an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processes, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of storage space.